What to Do If You Have a Loose Dental Bridge

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When Dr. Paul R. Tetting and Dr. Faith L. Tetting places a dental bridge, they use a strong dental-grade cement to ensure that your dental bridge is securely in place. Still, gum disease or a blow to the face can weaken the dental cement. If you have a dental bridge that feels loose, contact Tetting & Tetting, DDS today.
When you first receive your bridge, we will offer some first-aid instructions to minimize any risks of your dental bridge coming loose.

Avoid wiggling or prodding with the dental bridge, as just a small amount of movement to a loosened dental bridge can damage the inner abutment. Don’t attempt to clean or play with the loose bridge, but if an accident has left debris or blood in your mouth, use lukewarm water to rinse them away. Leave any further cleaning to the expertise of our team.
You could experience some failure in the cement as a result of extensive bacteria at the gum line. In this case, our dentists should be able to re-cement the dental bridge. More invasive treatment may be needed if the abutment has been damaged.

Please contact Tetting & Tetting, DDS at 920-739-9612 right away if any part of your dental bridge feels loose. We will gladly examine your appliance in Appleton, Wisconsin, to determine if any repairs need to be performed.