What Can Dental Sealant Do for Your Child?

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Dental sealant can do one thing for your child, but that one thing is so beneficial that you may want to consider it. Sealant focuses on preventing cavities from forming on the back teeth, the molars and premolars more precisely.
The sealant is made of a special kind of plastic that can safely rest in a person’s mouth. Our dentistss, Paul Tetting, use a brush to coat the back teeth with a thin layer of the sealant and then harden it so it is set on the teeth. This can take place over a matter of minutes. After this is done, the sealant can act like shield for the tooth against the bacteria that cause cavities.
On top of that, the sealant should practically disappear on your child’s teeth. We do not mean it will dissolve, though it can wear off after seven years. However, it can be so transparent and thin that it practically becomes invisible.
The adult back teeth most often appear around the ages 6 through 12. As soon as those teeth decide it is time to arrive, we can seal them to reduce their risk of cavities. You may also like to know that sealants are not just for kids. Even adults can benefit from them.
If you would like to get dental sealant for your family, we can help you decide if they are the right thing for you. You can find us at Tetting & Tetting, DDS, which resides here in Appleton, Wisconsin. You can contact us and schedule a visit by calling 920-739-9612.