The Facts of Oral Hygiene: TMJs

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Is your entire mouth getting the treatment it needs to thrive? The joints in your jaw, the temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are crucial for proper oral health functionality. If your TMJs are damaged, a TMJ disorder will arise, which can hinder your eating, speaking, and chewing skills. For additional tips to treat or prevent TMJ disorders, consider the following:
Typically, you can alleviate pain from TMJ disorders with heat packs. If your TMJs have bouts of inflammation, ice packs are a suitable choice. Alternative pain relieving methods include an assortment of meditative methods including yoga, biofeedback, and calming music. If you start to show any indications of a TMJ disorder or if you experience any jaw pain, avoid foods and habits that could make the condition worse.
The TMJs are complex joints that require many working parts, including connective tissues, ligaments, bone, and muscles all working in tandem to form a tightly woven machine designed to make your mouth work. If one part of the machine breaks, the whole structure will suffer, resulting in a TMJ disorder. To prevent damage to your joints, avoid hazardous habits such as chewing gum, biting your nails, and eating chewy or tough foods.
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