Preparing Your Smile for Tooth Extractions

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to prepare your smile and your life for post-extraction recovery? Is your house or place of residence ready to suit your recovery needs? The more you can do to prepare yourself, the sooner you can recover. This includes removing all bad habits from your life that can hinder the progress of a... read more »

Tooth Extraction Tips

No matter your age, a tooth extraction at some point may be necessary to prevent further discomfort within your mouth. Oftentimes, the tooth can be easily removed with minimal damage to the gums, and healing time is almost none at all. Regardless of healing time, it’s always important to follow these basic safety tips for healing: - If swelling occurs,... read more »

The Consequences of Not Treating a Cavity

If you refuse to treat your dental cavity as soon as possible, you might not be able to fix the issue with a dental filling. In fact, you might need more extensive treatment that will require more time, money, and healing. Some of those treatments include: -Dental crown placement: If the tooth decay is not treated, it will destroy a... read more »