Information About Dental Sealants

In order to protect you or a loved one’s smile, it is always a good idea to set forth preventative treatment plans before any damage has occurred. One highly effective tooth prevention treatment option to consider is a dental sealant. Dental sealants go on strong and consist of thin, yet durable coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth that... read more »

Brushing Your Teeth and Braces

When it comes to your oral hygiene while wearing braces, it is essential to keep your oral health in top-notch shape. That is why, our team here at Tetting & Tetting, DDS in Appleton, Wisconsin, is happy to offer you advice on how to brush your teeth when wearing orthodontic braces. Braces can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable until you... read more »

All About Dental Crowns

Have you ever heard of a dental crown in the dental office? Do you understand how they can help you? If not, you have come to the right place! Here at Tetting & Tetting, DDS in Appleton, Wisconsin, our team is dedicated to giving you high-quality care and help you understand more about your oral health, which can sometimes include... read more »

The Magical Results of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is often overlooked when it comes to your oral care. Yet, did you know mouthwash can help keep your breath fresh and clear away bacteria from your mouth where your toothbrush cannot reach? Well, it’s true! that is why our team here at Tetting & Tetting, DDS in Appleton, Wisconsin, is happy to talk to you about mouthwash and... read more »

Post-Meal Oral Health Tools Include Sugarless Gum

Post-meal oral health tools include sugarless gum. If you are searching for alternative dental tools that can be used to help keep your mouth fresh and your teeth clean, you may want to consider sugarless chewing gum. Sugarless gum can be used after meals because brushing your teeth can be detrimental to your smile due to abrasive toothpaste and the... read more »

Tongue Scrapers Can Clean Your Mouth and Improve Your Oral Health

Have you ever wondered why people clean their tongues with tongue scrapers? If so, Dr. Paul Tetting and our dental team are more than happy to tell you why! There are many benefits to using tongue scrapers. In fact, tongue scrapers can clean your mouth as well as improve your oral health. To give you further details, we are happy... read more »

How to Maintain a Top-Notch Oral Health as an Athlete

If you’re an athlete, you’re often concerned about your well-being, preventing harm and injuries to your knees, shoulders, and head as much as possible. However, another thing you should worry about is your smile. Your smile can be in grave danger while you participate in sports and activities. This is why it’s important to do all you can to prevent... read more »

This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for a Full Smile

Are you suffering from a toothache or missing teeth entirely? Have you noticed a new chip or crack in a tooth that is affecting how you eat or speak? If so, you may benefit from a tooth restoration service from the experts at Tetting & Tetting, DDS. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for a full smile. Come in today and see... read more »

Tooth Extraction Tips

No matter your age, a tooth extraction at some point may be necessary to prevent further discomfort within your mouth. Oftentimes, the tooth can be easily removed with minimal damage to the gums, and healing time is almost none at all. Regardless of healing time, it’s always important to follow these basic safety tips for healing: - If swelling occurs,... read more »