Snacks and Food to Improve Your Mood

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One of the best and most assured ways to improve your oral health is to monitor and moderate the foods and drinks you eat. Some processed snacks and sweets can contain ingredients harmful not only to our oral health but our entire physical well-being. Despite all the products that exist to tear our teeth and gums down, there are some that can build it back up. Consume food that will improve your oral health, not put it at risk.
Some foods contain healthy minerals that can enhance the health of your teeth and gums. Foods high in calcium and phosphorous are beneficial in the construction of tooth enamel and building strong teeth. This includes terrific treats like most types of nuts, healthy meats such as chicken, and dairy products such as milk and cheese.
Some foods are better at rinsing your mouth than others. Crunchy and watery foods such as apples and pears are ideal options for keeping your teeth clean.
Eating habits are just as significant as what you eat. Eat a wide array of foods for a healthy diet packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals, and avoid snacks and treats that are high in sugar.
For a more comprehensive plan for your eating diet, come see Paul Tetting at Tetting & Tetting, DDS for an oral examination. Our dentist office sits in lovely Appleton, Wisconsin, and we can be reached via phone at 920-739-9612. A healthy diet can encourage an even healthier smile, so come in and work on yours today!