Relevant Guidelines Concerning Teeth Whitening Systems

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One of the most requested treatments in dentistry is the desire for whiter teeth. Typically, people want to have as white teeth as possible, with zero signs of any stains or discolorations. However, oral health care treatments such as brushing and flossing are designed to keep your mouth safe, and not so much to improve the color of them. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening treatments do exist to improve the color of your smile.
A single professional tooth whitening treatment can improve the color of your teeth by as many as ten shades. Professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to dive deep within teeth to remove deep stains and discolorations. However, they are not the only form of treatment that can be used to improve the color of your teeth.
Your dentist can prescribe for you at-home treatments to be used for minor touch-ups and treatments. Products from your dentist will be extremely safe and effective. However, store-bought whiteners are becoming increasingly popular in society. Although many teeth whiteners can improve the color of your teeth, the products remain unregulated and are thus not subjected to traditional standards of safety and effectiveness. Be aware of products that can damage your tooth enamel or bleach your gums. Before using any store-bought or over the counter treatment, consult with your dentist to ensure its safety.
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