Protect Your Smile

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Hazards to your teeth can be found in many places. Whether you are spending time at the beach or are taking a stroll in the park, accidents and injuries can take place anywhere. There may be little you can do to prevent damage to your teeth and gums, unless you want to wear a helmet and mouthguard every time you crawl out bed. But, you can protect your smile with tooth hazard prevention. To learn more about tooth hazards, please read the following:
– Chewing on objects like pen caps or biting your nails creates a risk of microscopic, or even visible damage, to your tooth enamel and gums.
– You should always wear any safety equipment if a situation or activity requires it, including mouth and face guards.
– Grinding your teeth, or bruxism will lead to damage in your mouth.
– Tobacco use can cause gum disease, cancer and damage to your teeth.
– Exercise caution with hard or tough foods.
– Do not open cans or bottles with your mouth and teeth, as that can cause damage.
– If you insist on wearing mouth jewelry, make sure to choose a safe material to use that won’t easily harm your teeth and gums.
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