Preparing Your Smile for Tooth Extractions

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Are you ready to take the steps necessary to prepare your smile and your life for post-extraction recovery? Is your house or place of residence ready to suit your recovery needs? The more you can do to prepare yourself, the sooner you can recover. This includes removing all bad habits from your life that can hinder the progress of a tooth extraction, which includes smoking and chewing tobacco at least 2 days prior to the tooth extraction.
Your recovery from a tooth extraction often depends upon following instructions exactly as given by your dentist. If your dentist has prescribed any medications for you to take, use only as prescribed. Inflammation is common during the recovery process, so use ice packs as needed. If any complications should occur during your recovery, speak with your dentist as soon as possible.
Rest is key for a healthy recovery, so make sure to avoid as much exercise and labor as possible. Your body has a finite amount of resources, so make sure they are going to your recovery and not being used in other ways. In addition, even though having a good diet will help in your recovery, do not eating any foods until your anesthesia from the surgery has completely worn off. The reason is because your mouth may be numb to the point where choking presents a serious hazard.
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