Insights on All Your Mouth Guard Options

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Without a mouth guard, contact sports like football, hockey, boxing and kickboxing pose a serious risk to your teeth. In the past mouth guards were sometimes seen as being optional. Indeed many athletes chose not to wear mouth guards due to discomfort or issues with breathing. Now many schools, athletic clubs and youth athletic associations require athletes to wear mouth guards while playing certain sports.
Stock mouth guards are an inexpensive option and are widely available at a lot of sporting goods stores. These mouth guards are designed with a one-size-fits-most mentality. You can open the package slip the mouth guard in and you are ready to play. Unfortunately this generic fit has many athletes complaining about fit and issues related to breathing.
Boil and bite mouth guards are also readily available. They are made from a material that softens when you soak it in boiling water. All you have to do is pull it out of the water, give it a moment to cool and bite down it. Once it cools it holds the shape of your mouth. While these mouth guards do offer a little bit more comfort, many athletes find that boil and bite mouth guards feel bulky in the mouth and they can still present breathing issues.
Custom mouth guards are the top of the line mouth guard that can be crafted for you by your dentist. These mouth guards offer custom fit and protection with improved breathing. They are also made from very durable materials and with proper care they can last for several years.
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