Going on a Trip? Bring along a Dental Emergency Kit

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At Tetting & Tetting, D.D.S., we understand that summertime is traditionally a time when many of us are traveling, whether to see extended family, explore our state by road trip, or hopping on a plane to fly to new or old favorite destinations. To maximize your enjoyment and peace of mind, you will want to pack wisely.
Dr. Paul R. Tetting and Dr. Faith L. Tetting, and our team in Appleton, Wisconsin, know that when it comes to dental care, you want to be prepared and continue to care for the smile you have worked so hard to achieve. To continue caring for the smile you have worked hard to achieve, please remember to keep up your daily oral hygiene routine, and consider pack a dental emergency kit, just in case. So what should you pack in your emergency kit?
Dental Emergency Kit
Supplies: Dental picks, sterile gauze pads, cotton, tweezers, dental mirror or handheld mirror, cold pack, antimicrobial skin wipes.
Toothache & pain: Over-the-counter painkillers and oral antiseptic.
Loose crown, filling or braces: Petroleum jelly, temporary fillings, dental wax.
If you have any questions for our team, please feel free to give us call, or if you would like to schedule a visit before you head out. Whether you are re-connecting with loved ones at your annual family reunion, or swimming with the dolphins in Cancun, from all of us at Tetting & Tetting, D.D.S., we wish you safe, happy, and healthy travels!