Cephalometric X-rays in Appleton, Wisconsin, can be used to capture detailed images of the side of your face. This is a great tool that allows our dentists to thoroughly examine your teeth, soft tissues and jawbone.

Drs. Paul & Faith Tetting use a panoramic X-ray machine to take these cephalometric images. This is a great device that takes accurate and detailed pictures of your entire oral cavity and also exposes less radiation than a traditional X-ray. It is also able to:

  • Show the side profile of your face
  • Show your jaw in relation to your cheekbone
  • Allow your dentist to measure the teeth
  • Inform you and your dentist if you have a bad bite
  • Detect injuries to the teeth and jawbone, like fractures and breaks
  • Aid in orthodontic planning

The process involved in taking these X-rays is painless and easy. You will simply place your head into the designated area, and the machine will rotate around your head and take pictures. If you would like to learn more about this device or about the other advanced devices we use at Tetting & Tetting, DDS, please call 920-739-9612. We are happy to talk with you and explain why these machines are so beneficial.